cyil 2010
volume I

Second Decade Ahead:
Tracing the Global Crisis

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cyil 2011
volume II

Rights of the Host States within the
System of International Investment Protection

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cyil 2012
volume III

Public Policy
and Order Policy

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cyil 2013
volume IV

Regulatory Measures
and Foreign trade

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cyil 2014
volume V

The Role of Governmental and Non-governmental
Organizations in the 21st Century

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cyil 2015
volume VI

International Transportation

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About the project

About the project
Czech Yearbook of International Law®

The field of international law represents an important aspect of Czech foreign politics and the promotion thereof. After all, multilateralism and the promotion and enforcement of human rights are among the priorities of Czech foreign policy. Generally speaking, legal arguments and human rights arguments are an important part of the political dialogue, both in bilateral relations and within the EU.

International-law scholarship has always contributed to a greater or lesser extent to the formulation of the goals of international-law policy and their practical application. It is in this sense that the commitment of experts from the academic sphere (i.e. in particular, faculties of law, the Institute of State and Law at the Czech Academy of Sciences, and the Institute for International Relations at the Czech Ministry of Foreign Affairs) may in a significant way supplement and enrich the capacity of the competent departments at the Czech Ministry of Foreign Affairs, whose staff is, to an overwhelming degree, tied up with operational and clerical tasks. However, what is needed is not only the contribution that legal scholarship (especially in the form of scientific projects and expert opinions) makes on the level (and for the needs and purposes) of the Czech Ministry of Foreign Affairs, but also a suitable form for the outward presentation of this work, i.e. to the Czech and (above all) international academic and professional society. 

The role of private international law has become all but inseparable from the area of international politics (and international public law as an instrument of international politics) – while there are fundamental differences between the two areas in terms of their sources, in conceptual and systematical terms, and in terms of their function, the goals that they pursue nonetheless intermingle or supplement one another in a great number of cases. After all, examples of their mutual interaction can be encountered on a daily basis, almost everywhere we look.

In light of these facts, the idea of the editors was to establish a first journal published in English language dedicated to the international in all of its incarnations as the Czech Republic has a number of excellent scholars in the area of international law (both public international law and private international law) who produce, within the context of various professional, scientific, and pedagogical projects (and at their intersection with legal practice) top-quality work, but there was currently no forum of adequate quality to present this work to the world at large.

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